From: TVUG President, Griff Townsend:

Sorry for the delay in getting this out: things always seem to get hectic around the time to put announcements out, and this month was no exception. With that said, I've spoken with this month's presenter (in the mirror), and he is ready to go.
Using the Entity Framework in .Net 3.5 SP1

Speaker: Griffith Townsend, MCP.NET, MCSE
When: Tuesday September 8th, 2008 - 6:30-9PM
Where: VersaTrans Solutions, Latham, NY

When developing multi-tiered applications, it’s not uncommon that to encounter code and architectural “noise” where a developer is forced to shift languages between the business logic layer and the data layer. The preference of many developers is the use of tools (typically Object Relational Mapping solutions) to abstract the database-specific aspects of the data layer into objects usable by the upper layers by object-oriented programming languages.

Microsoft’s long awaited Entity Framework (EF) is one approach to raise the level of abstraction in complex applications, separating the logical object schema from the underlying data store. EF allows developers a lot of flexibility in creating and mapping database entities, relationships, functions, and procedures into either direct class translations or custom business entities.

In this presentation, Griff Townsend introduces us to the Entity Framework as of its initial release in SP1, providing an architectural overview of EF, while also extending it into a working Data Layer. The presentation will also cover:

  • Building your first EF model
  • Using Stored Procedures and customizing business objects in the EF model
  • Extending the Framework to support more robust data access
  • LINQ to EF vs. LINQ to SQL
  • Sharing Entities between layers

Bio: Griff Townsend is a Senior Software Engineer for 6N Systems and the President of the Tech Valley .Net Users Group. In addition to over 14 years of web- and windows- development experience in Central and Upstate New York, he has also taught Software Development for Syracuse University and ITT Tech. He is a Microsoft Certified Developer in .Net, as well as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He's starting to blog these days, too.

TVUG Presentation - May 13th, 2008

TVUG President wrote in an e-mail to the Tech Valley .NET Users Group membership.  Please join us...

This month, we welcome Chris Bowen, Microsoft's Developer Evangelist for the Northeast, as he dazzles us with GUI bliss. If you're getting started with XAML, WPF, and Silverlight, or just interested in the topic, make your way down to see us on Tuesday, May 13th.

Next-Generation UX Development with Silverlight and WPF

Speaker: Chris Bowen, Developer Evangelist - Northeast, Microsoft
When: Tuesday May 13th, 2008 - 6:30-9PM
Where: VersaTrans Solutions, Latham, NY

In this talk, we'll introduce the concepts behind both WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Silverlight. You'll see what they do, how they're related, when you might use them, and how to develop applications using them. You'll see some of the interesting ways customers are using WPF and Silverlight today to improve the user experience of their applications. After covering the concepts, we'll dive into the practical developer story, using Visual Studio 2008 to show how to use these declarative, XAML-based approaches to create high-end effects without the high-end effort.

Chris Bowen ( is Microsoft's Developer Evangelist for the Northeast. A software architect and engineer with over 16 years of experience, Chris joined Microsoft after holding senior architect and developer positions at companies such as Monster, VistaPrint, Staples, and IDX Systems and consulting on web presence and eCommerce projects with others. He is coauthor of "Essential Windows Communication Foundation" [Addison-Wesley] and "Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System" [WROX]. He specializes in application architecture and building highly-scalable transactional web systems and holds an M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Management Information Systems, both from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.