A few widget improvements

As commented on by BenAmada:


I think it would be more ideal to create a new widget that does what you're looking for -- rather than modify the TextBox widget.  Others have asked to be able to output Google AdSense code or other pieces of Raw HTML into widgets.  It never works very well with the TextBox widget.

A new, very simple widget could be created that has a multi-line textbox in it (not tinyMce), and raw HTML would be pasted into the textbox.  I know this widget would be perfect for the AdSense and other Ad people, and sounds like it might fit what you're looking for too.

LiteralWidgetClipHere is a quick Literal Widget created on suggestion since it helps me with one of my own issues.

Thanks “BenAmanda”



Please try this and let me know if you have made any improvements.  It’s simple and not tested extensively and came right out of the TextBox widget, but without tinyMce and simple required mods.

Other Widgets:


This one is simple to use.  The original version can be found at: (Creating a XBox 360 Widget.)  I just wanted to update it for my own needs, and so that it would run with current BlogEngine.NET Core.  This is what it looks like…





Please let me know if there are any problems using this.  It requires .NET 3.5 and BlogEngine.NET 1.5.  If it runs on anything else it is purely unintentional. :)

Twitter Widget

I wanted to post Twitter feeds for a variety of Blogs and ran into several problems with the incarnation I found available on the web. (TwitterFeed-Widget for BlogEngine.NET)  Running Multiple blogs, I ran into cache bleeding into each blog since multiple widgets or multiple blogs were never thought about when originally built.  I assume this widget, was just a first attempt.  In that light, I only assume that this iteration is my “draft” version as well, but hope to improve it as necessary.


Hopefully I do not need to show a screen shot since the sample should be running in the Widgetzone of this Blog.  (Of course, I may not have pushed the most recent code here so I will have to update this Post when I confirm.)


Besides updating the Cache to support multiple widgets and Blogs, I removed the XML file and System.IO requirements, and replaced System.Xml with LINQ (System.Xml.Linq).  I only believe that I improved the original but by no means created any ground shattering new solution, { as I like to believe I do in my Professional life everyday :) }


XBOX GamerTag Widget

Look for the Improved XBOX GamerTag Widget ( or Creating a XBox 360 Widget.)  I simply updated it for .NET 3.5, Linq, and BE.NET 1.5.  I’ll Post that soon as soon as I can.