So, here we are after BlogEngine.NET, then adding multi-blog, moving to DNN which was a nightmare (Although DNN is a great product), and at last migrating to Orchard. What did I learn. I used to blog more!!! Even when I mostly blogged about blogging.

I thought the move from BlogEngine.NET to DNN would be easyWell, in this case, the year long escapade finally ended last night. I had to get off of my completely hacked BlogEngine I hadn't kept up with updates...and moving to DNN was still months away with the lack of Blog capabilities and no decent skin/theme to my name. I just learned about Orchard recently, and here I am.

I'm moving to DNN for various reasons, but mainly because as good as BlogEngine.NET is, it's a bit limiting. I'd like to find a way to integrate it with DNN, but it would be better if there were a BlogEngine.NET DNN module, but I'll take what I've learned from this product and do the best I can at creating a new DNN Blog module that compares well with BlogEngine.NET.

I’m attempting my first BizTalk Server 2013 build using Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, and the latest bits available. This will also include Visual Studio 2012 to provide a quick start to real development testing and configuration under a variety of scenarios.

Please review these videos if you want to know how a PC is built or want to build your own. Very extensive for first time builders. I’ve built hundreds of PC’s (yes >200) and I sat through all three videos. If they move, or get updated, I’ll include the YouTube links here as well.