Markus will be discussing "The State of .NET": What is the state of .NET today? Which of the many .NET technologies have gained traction? Which ones can you ignore for now? What is new in .NET 3.5 and the coming .NET 4.0? What other Microsoft technologies should you include in your development efforts? This event is It is designed for developers as well as (IT) decision makers. Specific prior knowledge is not required.

This is a thread from BlogEngine.NET on CodePlex. (Multiple blogs on same installation) I would like to see the current dev plan, if it exists yet. If I knew we/they/you were going to use SqlBlogProvider, and even integrate it into the core, I would like to help. If there was also a way to allow multiple blogs within a single application, that would be great too. Should everyone just create a new branch?

Has anyone seen this kind of crap in your e-mail recently, or anytime? What a scam!!! Does anyone ever respond to this garbage. If I could make $70 per domain sold, I might think this was a good Idea and then turn around and buy it from GoDaddy. Problem is, EVERYONE should be buying their domains directly from GoDaddy. Of course, there are those of us who will find a great brand name and buy 5 years worth of every similar domain they can think of, but you still aren't paying $295. This kind of scam needs to end. Make sure to forward it

This is what you see when attempting to rate a new post. Click on a Star to rate the post. Notice the infinitesimally small rating that is generally added when creating a first post. This may be something I did myself while trying to “fix” the Add a new Blog script.

For anyone who recently noticed issues with Twitter on several fronts, you’ll want to read this. I’m not sure if it’s made the rounds on TV news yet but it answered some questions and caused some concern. It’s always blissful until someone slams the door in your face, or cut’s you off on the road, flips you off, etc. No idea why this would happen, but it did. Now we all need to BOTH find ways of keeping these things from happening, within reason, and to prosecute and slam the door on those idiots who do this for fun, revenge, or terrorism...