But why is it now different from BlogEngine.NET

I downloaded it yesterday and Diffed to find out what I need to change to keep up…and it was the “version number.”

So, I guess keeping up with several code changes over the past few months and making sure my version of the Multi-blog capable SqlBlogProvider was in tune paid off, only to realize I’m still one of the very few to implement such a “clean” version of multiblog BlogEngine.NET.  I’ve been working on an Entity Framework provider since this could replace or certainly enhance the capabilities of BlogEngine, but it may really be just another stepping stone to work out a new architecture to support BlogEngine-Like capabilities for .NET 4.0 and IIS 7 using MVC, Entity Framework and perhaps WCF for integration and remote administration capabilities.

At least I’m learning a lot about Open Source capabilities and limitations. Does anyone want to legitimately tackle a Next Gen BlogEngine with me?  Of course, I would not want to steal the branding created here unless there is a parallel effort to create a distinctly separate single Blog, Multi-user system such as BlogEngine.NET and a more scalable, database centric, multi-blog, real-time administration console application.

Design first, Agile methodology, Eat-your-own-dog-food approach with lots of prototyping.

Or I could just use BeerHouse or DotNetNuke, I guess.  Need to go get some additional experience.


See Y’all l8r,

Dave (BizTron)


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