So, here we are after BlogEngine.NET, then adding multi-blog, moving to DNN which was a nightmare (Although DNN is a great product), and at last migrating to Orchard. What did I learn. I used to blog more!!! Even when I mostly blogged about blogging.

I'm moving to DNN for various reasons, but mainly because as good as BlogEngine.NET is, it's a bit limiting. I'd like to find a way to integrate it with DNN, but it would be better if there were a BlogEngine.NET DNN module, but I'll take what I've learned from this product and do the best I can at creating a new DNN Blog module that compares well with BlogEngine.NET.

Current Multi-blog enabling LINQ to SQL BlogEngine.NET Provider. (Updated 3/12/10) I have been asked for this code so that we can share the multi-blog solution that has been working for me for almost a year now. This is the time to check it out and help make it work for yourself and others. I’m going to continue to “dog food” this here. Current version of BlogEngine.NET supported by this provider, as of this post, is Although I need to update my own site(s) from

But why is it now different from BlogEngine.NET I downloaded it yesterday and Diffed to find out what I need to change to keep up…and it was the “version number.” So, I guess keeping up with several code changes over the past few months and making sure my version of the Multi-blog capable SqlBlogProvider was in tune paid off, only to realize I’m still one of the very few to implement such a “clean” version of multiblog BlogEngine.NET. ...

Here is a quick Literal Widget created on suggestion since it helps me with one of my own issues. Thanks “BenAmanda”