Current Multi-blog enabling LINQ to SQL BlogEngine.NET Provider. (Updated 3/12/10) I have been asked for this code so that we can share the multi-blog solution that has been working for me for almost a year now. This is the time to check it out and help make it work for yourself and others. I’m going to continue to “dog food” this here. Current version of BlogEngine.NET supported by this provider, as of this post, is Although I need to update my own site(s) from

Update (10/17/2009) BlogEngine.NET appears to be closer than ever to a Multi-Blog implementation thanks to work done by Jacob Proffitt found here: Multi-blog Obsession. The SQLBlogProvider allows multiple blogs to be supported by a single SQL Server database. Imaging the maintenance and resource requirements, compared with “n” blogs and “n” databases, or “n” folders with “n-times-x” xml files for all those posts. Currently, this provides for a single folder and any number of application instances, all pointing at the same folder. There may be a few potential answers to this, but only if someone deems it a problem. I’m now running about 12 (BlogEngine.NET) blogs in a single location with a single database using the SQLBlogProvider. A few details were worked out to bring this solution up to the 1.5.x version of BlogEngine.NET. While looking at this, I’ve learned a lot about some new features and found some useful and straightforward applications of Linq to SQL.