Current Multi-blog enabling LINQ to SQL BlogEngine.NET Provider. (Updated 3/12/10) I have been asked for this code so that we can share the multi-blog solution that has been working for me for almost a year now. This is the time to check it out and help make it work for yourself and others. I’m going to continue to “dog food” this here. Current version of BlogEngine.NET supported by this provider, as of this post, is Although I need to update my own site(s) from

I based my implementation on SqlBlogProvider, but since it was out of synch with BlogEngine.NET I had a dilemma. My biggest complaint about BlogEngine.NET if I had any at all was the fact that sometimes changes come at a snails pace. This is not to say that you can't find a new build there every other day, but that the major enhancements I want don't always take, or in the case of MultiBlogs, the most popular enhancement to date, is completely ignored. Once Jacob Proffitt created a solution, I figured it would be rolled into BlogEngine.NET. OK, so I was Way off on this one. So here's a strategy: ...

This is a thread from BlogEngine.NET on CodePlex. (Multiple blogs on same installation) I would like to see the current dev plan, if it exists yet. If I knew we/they/you were going to use SqlBlogProvider, and even integrate it into the core, I would like to help. If there was also a way to allow multiple blogs within a single application, that would be great too. Should everyone just create a new branch?

If you have a SQL Express 2005 installation with SQL Management Studio express installed these four commands will do a silent upgrade to 2008. First extract the contents of the SQL Express download into a directory. SQLEXPRWT_x86 /EXTRACT