This is a thread from BlogEngine.NET on CodePlex. (Multiple blogs on same installation) I would like to see the current dev plan, if it exists yet. If I knew we/they/you were going to use SqlBlogProvider, and even integrate it into the core, I would like to help. If there was also a way to allow multiple blogs within a single application, that would be great too. Should everyone just create a new branch?

This is what you see when attempting to rate a new post. Click on a Star to rate the post. Notice the infinitesimally small rating that is generally added when creating a first post. This may be something I did myself while trying to “fix” the Add a new Blog script.

Update (10/17/2009) BlogEngine.NET appears to be closer than ever to a Multi-Blog implementation thanks to work done by Jacob Proffitt found here: Multi-blog Obsession. The SQLBlogProvider allows multiple blogs to be supported by a single SQL Server database. Imaging the maintenance and resource requirements, compared with “n” blogs and “n” databases, or “n” folders with “n-times-x” xml files for all those posts. Currently, this provides for a single folder and any number of application instances, all pointing at the same folder. There may be a few potential answers to this, but only if someone deems it a problem. I’m now running about 12 (BlogEngine.NET) blogs in a single location with a single database using the SQLBlogProvider. A few details were worked out to bring this solution up to the 1.5.x version of BlogEngine.NET. While looking at this, I’ve learned a lot about some new features and found some useful and straightforward applications of Linq to SQL.