It's already mid-August and I just finished a round of BlogEngine.NET updates to take advantage of the new features in 1.4.5.x. For a lot of folks, the need to Blog is what makes this platform so valuable. But my clients, and my own interests also include adding Extensions and Advertising. Now that there's a Text box Widget, I can add simple ads like an Amazon link, Google AdSense, and affiliate links right in the Widget Zone without any special code. Maybe this can be improved to target this medium, but I have to admit, if it works, I'm going to use it as is. But there are a few things I'd like to see sooner than later.

I'd really like to see some more BlogEngine.NET themes take advantage of the new WidgetZone and cool features of version 1.4. To that end, I wanted to see how difficult it would be to do this myself. As a .NET architect and developer I haven't found myself doing a lot of css and UI interface work recently, but figured if I can do BizTalk, SharePoint, EntLib, SQL, WinForms and even ASP.NET development, HTML and css might be possible. Besides, I'm only adding on to what other artists and geniuses have already done.