I’m attempting my first BizTalk Server 2013 build using Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, and the latest bits available. This will also include Visual Studio 2012 to provide a quick start to real development testing and configuration under a variety of scenarios.

To install the ISE for PowerShell on Windows Server 2012, just as in Server 2008 R2, you can select the feature, or simply execute the following in a PowerShell command prompt: 1: Import-Module ServerManager 2: Add-Windowsfeature PowerShell-ISE

Here's the quick and dirty way to TURN OFF or DISABLE the "Shutdown Event Tracker" on Windows Server 2008 for all your test, development and virtual servers.

So while I'm downloading that, to burn to DVD when finished, I'm installing Windows Server 2008 Enterprise in a Virtual Machine, Configuring Microsoft Office SharePoint Server on a small farm with SQL Server 2005 and a Domain Controller, and finishing the starter site on a Commerce Server 2007 stand-alone installation. This is using 6.2 GB of RAM and averaging 50% CPU. This machine isn't even breathing heavy. For those of us who want it all for development performance, more is certainly better. But, when you consider that this machine was built locally at a custom shop for about $2200 plus about $650 for the 28" Viewsonic flat panel, you have to ask why would someone spend all that money on the big name brands for less capability than 1/4 of this configuration.