I'd really like to see some more BlogEngine.NET themes take advantage of the new WidgetZone and cool features of version 1.4.  To that end, I wanted to see how difficult it would be to do this myself.  As a .NET architect and developer I haven't found myself doing a lot of css and UI interface work recently, but figured if I can do BizTalk, SharePoint, EntLib, SQL, WinForms and even ASP.NET development, HTML and css might be possible.  Besides, I'm only adding on to what other artists and geniuses have already done.

Here is my first attempt at modifying an existing BLogEngine.NET 1.3 theme to handle 1.4 functionality.  I went after one of my favorites: MWRT-002.

This is my update for BlogEngine.NET 1.4: MWRT-002-14.zip (23.24 kb)

Please critique, and let me know if you made any improvements that I had missed.  I'll be working on a few really nice themes from various locations over the next several weeks including one I'll be using on this site.  I'll try to show an example site soon.


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