This was going to be from Word, but I ran into errors. Maybe it worked. Darn this looks professional. Winking smile

So, here we are after BlogEngine.NET, then adding multi-blog, moving to DNN which was a nightmare (Although DNN is a great product), and at last migrating to Orchard.

What did I learn.  I used to blog more!!!  Even when I mostly blogged about blogging.  I’m too busy to learn and add on to the likes of Orchard or DNN because ultimately, I used them to support others who could not see the benefits.  This new opportunity makes it easy to use, to enhance, to style, to Blog.  Hey, I even tried Open Live Writer and like what I see, but it seems like everything else (for example, CodePlex, WebMatrix, Windows Live Writer) “new” technology doesn’t last.  That’s OK.  I’m here to embrace it.  Blogging itself may have been replaced by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., but what’s next?

For someone who was early to the internet, and then spent a lifetime learning, there is no end in sight.  Open Live Writer and MiniBlog had a lot of open source help to get where they are, and seem to be well past “early” release, yet not quite long in the tooth yet.  What’s next?

(Yes, all of those links are intentional.  I hope I can provide a small link to the community. I will try harder in the future.)


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