I thought the move from BlogEngine.NET to DNN would be easy

Well, in this case, the year long escapade finally ended last night.  I had to get off of my completely hacked BlogEngine blog...no I hadn't kept up with updates...and moving to DNN was still months away with the lack of Blog capabilities and no decent skin/theme to my name.  I just learned about Orchard recently, and here I am.

This is something I can learn and grow with.

Orchard CMS, right from Web Platform Installer

BlogML didn't work right out of BlogEngine, or into DNN or Orchard, but I was able to clean it up quickly and use the Import/Export from Orchard to move the data from a staging platform to this in minutes.  I'll spend a few days tinkering with 301 redirects, and files and images that didn't move over, but I like this already.

Hopefully, I can get back to work on blogging, work, and real research, and stop fighting the system. ;)



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