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I would like to see the current dev plan, if it exists yet.  If I knew we/they/you were going to use SqlBlogProvider, and even integrate it into the core, I would like to help.  If there was also a way to allow multiple blogs within a single application, that would be great too.  Should everyone just create a new branch?

If we don't know the future plans, dates, implementation, etc., we're stuck deciding whether to wait or risk going forward with an alternative branch and missing out.  Communication would be good.  I may be missing something.  I've stated recently that I spend more time modifying current BE.NET code than I ever do Blogging and I have over a dozen blogs. is currently stable, from my perspective with SqlBlogProvider supporting all of those blogs on a single folder, with a single SQL database and schema.  The only (minor) issue is still creating multiple Web Applications and pointing them to the same folder.  I can live with that on an 8-way server with 2 GB of RAM.

It’s related to Multiple blogs in one BlogEngine.NET instance and BlogEngine.Net for SQL Server

The concern here is complex, balancing need, want and political correctness.  But it doesn’t need to be this way.  I’m more afraid of pissing-off the folks who have put so much into this project than I am of whether or not I can build a system from scratch so I don’t want to say what I’m thinking.  Hey, if I had the time, or could work with “you folks” I’d want to contribute towards a cleaner architecture, test methods (not that I’m the expert in that), and MVC version, even contribute the Oracle portion of data model and db provider.  But overall, I’d like to see a plan.  I’m most concerned about waiting for people who are deciding on things without customers’ input, frankly because we aren’t customers.  Nobody’s paying for this.  So, you get what you pay for, right?!?!  Not quite.  There’s an incredible value in this product, and for the developer in us, there’s even room for learning by fixing, altering and improving.

The point is, I feel useless in the process and could contribute substantially to the process.  I’d hate to say BlogEngine.NET needs “new” blood, because I think it just needs more time, as in planning and development effort.

If anyone is interested in contributing to this effort, but has been shut out, let me know if you want to go down the branch path together.  I’m not against trying something and dropping it in the future for the right reasons or sticking with it if it adds even incremental value, or for that matter, starting from a completely different approach.


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