Twitter Widget

I wanted to post Twitter feeds for a variety of Blogs and ran into several problems with the incarnation I found available on the web. (TwitterFeed-Widget for BlogEngine.NET)  Running Multiple blogs, I ran into cache bleeding into each blog since multiple widgets or multiple blogs were never thought about when originally built.  I assume this widget, was just a first attempt.  In that light, I only assume that this iteration is my “draft” version as well, but hope to improve it as necessary.

Hopefully I do not need to show a screen shot since the sample should be running in the Widgetzone of this Blog.  (Of course, I may not have pushed the most recent code here so I will have to update this Post when I confirm.)

Besides updating the Cache to support multiple widgets and Blogs, I removed the XML file and System.IO requirements, and replaced System.Xml with LINQ (System.Xml.Linq).  I only believe that I improved the original but by no means created any ground shattering new solution, { as I like to believe I do in my Professional life everyday :) }

XBOX GamerTag Widget

Look for the Improved XBOX GamerTag Widget ( or Creating a XBox 360 Widget.)  I simply updated it for .NET 3.5, Linq, and BE.NET 1.5.  I’ll Post that soon as soon as I can.


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