Life is busy, imagine that.

After a wonderful break from a wonderful project, I’m finally sitting in the home office thinking about what to Blog about.  Since BlogEngine.NET 1.5 has been released recently, It’s probably about time to upgrade my sites.  Of course there is also a new MultiBlog approach available, as well.  It’s a separate provider based entirely on SQL Server and Uses Linq.  After another “minor” extension tweek for BlogRolls, the 2 became out of sync.  I help rectify that by creating a stop-gap update for myself that I shared with the original creator.  Since I only tweaked what was already done, I can’t take much credit for the results, but I’m sure I can help if the need arises now that I’ve taken a peak a bit further under the hood.

I’m going to try to get a million things done I’ve been putting off since last Summer, the last time I had any kind of break.  Who wants to help me publish a book???  Next step is to configure my main blog sites to use the new BlogEngine release, with updates, of course, and see if I can nip the maintenance boogeyman in the bud.

Time savings is awesome.  This week I need to install a second doorbell/chime, design a bathroom, clean the garage/prepare for a community garage sale, and spend some more time spectating the kids’ sports.  I’m also going to add a few more virtual dev servers and 2 domain controllers to the office.  Next week, I may wash the car…it’s only been since last fall.


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