The move is finally under way.  App hosting is a fading memory and now I'm getting back to what I know...the details.  A VPS server from 1and1 (and the 50% off discount for the first 3 months) is what saved me from dropping the whole idea of internet hosting.  I was frustrated at trying to write simple ASP.NET apps or even using proven work and finding out there was to be MUCH more time spent at configuration and troubleshooting than design and coding.

Tools need to be made much simpler for end users to do a specific task, but I need full control.  I once used a hosted server solution, which worked well for what I needed, until it became a financial burden.  The hobby wasn't paying me back anymore and I had no real need for the service so I opted for, what I believed to be, the simpler solution in web site and ASP.NET hosting.  Now that I had discovered the error in my ways, I’m back to building my empire.

Blogging should be the start of a process that will include tutorials, training, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.  I’ll embellish as time permits.  Thanks for reading.



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